Cool science experiments with COKE you must watch!

20 cool and crazy science experiments compilation. Amazing experiments with Coca-Cola including: Diet Coke & Mentos, the milk and Coke experiment, chlorine reaction with phosphoric acid, rocket Coca Cola, boiled Coke, Self Freezing coke, Coca Cola and Red Bull, keep meat and egg with Coca-Cola, gummy Coca-Cola, Coca slush ice, an explosive reaction with an incredible explosion, lava lamp, marshmellow flawored Coca Cola, homemade Cola, how cure tonsillitis and how dissolve a tooth with Coca-Cola.

In this video, you will see:
What happens if you boil Coca Cola?
Coca Cola vs Coca Cola Zero vs Diet Coke / Coca Cola Light, sugar test
Coca Cola and Mentos experiments / Diet Coke and Mentos human experiment
Amazing Science Experiments you can do with Coca Cola
Incredible chemical reactions
Coca Cola life hacks you should know
Coca-Cola tricks you need to see to believe
What really happens when you add coke to raw pork / Coke on pork experiment
What Happens If You Mix Milk And Coke And Red Bull?
Crazy facts about Coca-Cola
Classic science experiments with Coca Cola
Coca Cola Rust Removal
Diet Coke and Mentos challenge
Facts about Coca Cola you should know
Egg in Coca Cola
Coca Cola and Milk experiment / turn coke to water / what happens if you put milk in Coca Cola
Diet Coke Mentos Rocket
Self freezing Coca-Cola
What happens to a tooth if you leave it in Coca Cola for 24 hours
Cleaning using Coca-Cola
food magic tricks with Coca Cola you must try
.. and much more!

Still drinking coke? watch this video!




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