Teenage Pregnancies

7ddc76773aecf2774ccfbc318f288d33Most adolescent girls do not plan to get pregnant, however, some do.  Scientific research shows that teens are more likely to face extra health problems to both the baby and the mother compared to adults.  Teenage pregnancies can have weighty effects on the life of the teens.  Parents should therefore help their daughters to comprehend the risks, options and challenges that stay ahead of them.


Peer Pressure

According to biology articles, teenagers tend to experience the pressure of making friends and wanting to fit in. Mostly, their friends influence their decisions to have sex even when they do comprehend the consequences associated with it.  Teenage girls have sex to feel sophisticated and cool and in most cases they end up getting pregnant.

Teenage Drinking

Abusing alcohol can lead to teenage pregnancies. They do this to experiment and this can lower their ability to control impulses leading to unplanned pregnancies.

Rape or Sexual Abuse

Teenagers report that they became pregnant as a result of adult assault. Approximately 80% of the babies fathers are aged 30 years and above.

Absent Guardians

Teenagers who do not receive guidance from parents are more likely to become pregnant. Other parents are often busy to guide and support their girls. What they fail to understand is that their teenagers need to make good decisions on issues related to sex.

Lack of knowledge

Young girls who are uneducated about sex are more likely to have unplanned pregnancies. Others do not comprehend the emotional and biological aspects associated with the act. Mostly, they lack the knowledge required to make responsible and informed decisions about whether to or not to involve themselves in sexual activities.

Ways of Preventing Teenage Pregnancies


Teenagers should be helped to abstain until they are old enough to make informed decisions.


This simply means using chemical and mechanical methods to prevent pregnancy. Teenagers should be helped to understand the difference methods of contraception as they are all designed to prevent pregnancies. They include oral contraception, sterilization, dual protection, injections among others.


Parents play the biggest role in influencing teenagers decisions about relationships, love and sex compared to their peers. Therefore, they should ensure that they begin communicating about sex during the early life of the teenage as this is important.

Discourage steady, frequent, and early dating.

According to peer reviewed journals, group events involving teenagers are a good idea of letting your girl broaden their minds. However, dating before 16 should be discouraged as it can lead to trouble. Ensure that your teenager knows about your preference about it throughout their childhood.



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