Debates on Land Titling

163Ayele Behaylu

Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, Collage of Social Science and Humanities, Adigrat University, Adigrat, Ethiopia

Abstract: Countries like Ethiopia emphasis that certification process guarantees land use and transfer rights ensures tenure security, and is a vital incentive for farmers to invest in their land and improve production. The program is assumed to addresses the issue of tenure insecurity which is a chronic problem in most developing countries. Moreover, land titling has a good effect in reducing of both border and inheritance disputes. However, there are debating issues on the effect of land titling in tenure security, land management and land disputes. The aim of this study is to investigate whether land titling has resulted in insuring tenure security, assuring land management, and reducing land related disputes or not. Though land titling is not a sufficient factor for sustainable land management, it is a necessary condition so that it enables farmers to have confidence on their tenures which is a preliminary condition to start land management activities. In addition to this, land titling is vital for minimizing of land disputes.

Keywords: Land Disputes, Land Management, Land Policy, Land Titling, Tenure Security


Land is one of the most important natural resource in which we can get different uses from it like forest products, production of crops, construction materials, and what not (Olsson and Lundmark, 2014). Though there are various factors like climate change for the deterioration of environment in general and land in particular (Towfiqul Islam, et al, 2014), tenure insecurity has a lion share for land degradation.. Tenure insecurity creates doubt on farmers t their tenure so that they will not manage properly. For the proper utilization of this resource without degradation, land titling is vital.  Land titling is a process of recording rights on land which provides safe and certain foundation of acquisition and disposal of rights in land, where disposition includes transfer, leasing or mortgage of the holding rights (Pankhurst,1966). For African countries registration of land rights is a continuing issue regarding debate in land policies. Many West African countries have instituted the process of land registration through their land legislation. Land registration and bestowing of land certificates is assumed to have many effects on different land related issues. Some of these are tenure security, sustainable land management practices, and reducing of land disputes. These issues are intended to be discussed in the following sections.

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