Academic journal articles and their types

114999f13d78385cd94e5846e24a5bb5Academic journals include articles which are a published by scientists or researcher. Academic journals represent original work of researchers and review of past work.

In the academic journal, there are discussions about theories and articles which are critically reviewed by an expert. Researchers release academic journals quarterly, annually or semi-annually.

In academic journals researcher present new research work for inspection and criticized the previous work of another researcher. Academic journals give knowledge about different research topics. The main aim of the academic journal is to give knowledge about latest research. It gives specific knowledge to students. Researchers of the academic journal publish their work online to improve their reputation and ranking.

Academic journals distribute the advance knowledge of the different research topics. As new theories develop daily and researchers keep on doing research and present their work in the form of academic journals.

Types of Academic Journal Articles

Academic journals articles come in different types. All academic general have different topics. Some types of academic journals are:

Communications or Letters:

Letters or communications are short research explanation of new findings which are meant for immediate publication. For example like the cure for cancer or cure for SAARC or swine flu. These letters are considered urgent.

Research Notes.

Research notes are considered less urgent than letters. They are also a short explanation of the research. These research notes include current findings or information of scientists or researchers.


Articles could be 5-20 pages. They give a complete explanation of original work of the scientists and researchers.

Supplemental Articles.

Supplemental articles come in the form of tabular data in the large volume. It gives complete current research details.

Review Articles.

Review articles collect multiple results of articles of a particular topic. Review articles do not cover original research. They provide references to the research and gives information about the subject.

No matter what kind of academic articles, the purposes are to share what the scholars, scientists or researchers want to share with others and communicate with others for the development of science or subjects.

Science Publishing Group provides professional peer review by international famous professors or researchers for scientific articles and helps publishing them on professional scholarly journals.



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