The organization and preparations of the conference program details

  1. Pre-preparation
    • Develop a plan of meeting
      • Develop conference topic, name, location, size and so on (often determined a few months before the conference), determine the invited guests (including experts who give lectures);
      • Determine the date, agenda of the meeting and prepare the contents of the preparatory meeting;
      • Arrange of meeting and rest time and attentions;
      • Make the meeting budget and financing program;
      • Establish a business group with clear division of labor service.
    • Issue notice of meeting
      • The first round of the notice (informing the meeting date, place, subjects and the speaking experts etc.);
      • Officially confirm whether the guests can attend the meeting a few days before the meeting;
    • Prepare meeting materials: projector, camera, banners, attendance sheet, expert feedback table, gifts, site leased contract, PC (power lines and mouse), rows, data lines, pens, etc.
    • Decorate the meeting room: ① scheduling the conference seating; ②decorating the environment; ③ checking and configure the electrochemical devices; ④ booth arrangements.
  •  On conference
    • Conference Registration: ① reception; ② filling out attendance sheets; ③ distribution of meeting materials or gifts; ④ noticing related matters
    • Conference Organization: ① invite participants for questions and discussion; ② meeting records; ③ good camera work of the Conference;
  • After the conference
    • After the matter: ① welcome delegates ② checking work attendance sheet, minutes of meetings, expert feedback form; ③ taking materials back to the company ④ settlement conference expenses;
    • After work: ①classify, file and archive the conference materials; ② discuss the highlights of the meeting and inadequate, making a good post-visit program.

The main body of the academic conference is the delegates; the organization good representative is a good session of the most important link. The general specification of our meeting is small (because the meeting is frequent). The meeting of academic conference is held smoothly, it often depends on the sufficient preparation of some essential details. Such as meeting place should choose the environment better, transportation is convenient, reception ability is strong or the area with conference research content, preferably in local relying on unit. The layout of the venue, including the podium of the settings, banners, backdrops, projection equipment installation and use, tea service, location, must be thoughtful arrangements. In addition, after a full prepared academic meeting, be sure to convene on schedule. During the meeting, we should discuss the subject widely and deeply. Academic meeting to arrange for a compact, closely linked to the theme, advocate collisions of different academic point of view, the participants should be treated equally, the host to create atmosphere of academic freedom and equality. In the meeting, we also want to strive to make the diversification, using flexible report in the meeting, debate, Academic Salon, questioning and answering, freedom of speech, a roundtable discussion, buffet, results show, peer reviewed journal, a variety of academic conferences, build academic conference with a relaxed atmosphere, improving the effectiveness of communication.   — Science Publishing Group



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