Though they are known as the Science Publishing Group, their publications are not only committed to science, but to all types of disciplines as they believe in assisting authors of every field.  With this end in view they have several publications of mathematics and statistics on their website, to ensure that readers and professionals engaged in those subjects will benefit from reading or downloading them.  All of these items have been reviewed by peers in the respective fields prior to publication, as this group is determined to safeguard their company name and their standing in the publication world.

The Science Publishing Group website has several journals related to Pure and Applied Mathematics, Theoretical and Applied Statistics, International Journals of Research, Modern, Theoretical, Biological and Environmental, and Statistical Distributions, etc., which could be read online or downloaded by interested parties.  All these papers and journals are written by skilled researchers and professionals, and thoroughly evaluated prior to publication.  All professionals, researchers and even students could send in their articles to the editors, with facts relevant to their subjects, and these will be published on the SPG website after evaluation by the peers to ensure that they thorough, and are worthy of publicity.


The Science Publishing Group believes in ensuring that all the journals, articles, papers and books published on their website are really significant reading and research materials in Mathematics and Statistics, and encourage new researchers and students to send in their written submissions to the editors of the group.  The editors in turn, will forward it to peers in the disciplines for evaluation, send it back to the authors for any corrections or inclusion prior to publication.  Hence, skilled professionals, students and readers can rest assured, that only papers that are deemed worthy of publication are inserted on their website.



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