Why do we need write Research Papers ?

I do not know if all university students need to write papers on their studies, but in my eyes, write a paper on their study and research is really necessary. Why do I say that?

First, whether which discipline you are studing, such as science, lingustique, management, economy, etc. You must complete a thesis on the subject you study at the end of each semester, and your teacher will give you a note on the quality of your thesis, it is natural. So write a paper of your study, it is something necessary we should do in our life of study.

tumblr_nperntT1EV1snlw9ao1_400Third, if you can finish your research papers with your talented idea, it not only shows your learning outcomes, but also your ability of study and research. You know that you must show your research brief to everyone who is interested about this, knowing that they can understand and learn your success, your notes of study or search result, is not it?Second, the writing method is often varied, but that there is a principle: we write our papers according to the subject we studied and used the scientic methods, such as the analytical method, statistical method, research method and etc. In addition, the discipline that we studied also need different methods to finish writing our papers successfully.

Well, if you understand the importance of this, you must know how to write a good research paper, the three major tructs are: title, content and conclusion. It is well known that a good title will help guide the direction of your thesis, enriching content and meaning of knowledge will increase the readability of an article, and a significant conclusion is the center of a paper. When you made these points, you can send your article to a suitable journal and published in an online journal, like the journlas of SciencePG. Science Publishing Group is a group onlin who publish all kind of journlals about study an resarch. Now, if you want your paper will be read by more people who are intrested in your subject, you can submit your paper at a journal suitable of Science Publishing Group, or other group of publishing you like.

This way there will be many people can see and read your article, and you can access an exchange with them, and it will help with your study and your research. If your research paper is good enough, maybe you can get a place important in your field respective.



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