The Science Publishing Group is a company that provides their services of professionals of every sphere, not only to people engaged in science.  They have on their website several interesting international journals pertaining to language and linguistics, literature and arts, linguistics and translation, applied linguistics and translation, language teaching research, communication and linguistics studies, etc.  All of these have been written by experts in their disciplines, and peer reviewed prior to publication on the website.  These have been written after thorough research into all aspects of the language, the formation and progress, application and teaching methods utilised to ensure that they are journals of excellence.

502All the journals published on the Science Publishing Group website conform to the highest standard of excellence to ensure that professionals, researchers and students are guided by the methods contained in them, and to help them on with their research into all aspects of their discipline.  This publishing company makes sure that all materials received by them are peer reviewed in order to guarantee that the authors have conformed to all regulations prior to submitting them.  If they find that journal does not conform to the subject matter, they will suffer rejection and not publication.


The Science Publishing Group, is an established company and will not publish materials or journals that have been rejected by the peers during the review process, as they want to guarantee and safeguard their reputation and standing in the field of publication.  Hence, all publication materials are sent for thorough evaluation by experts in their disciplines, who will make their comments, and also list any alterations or additions to be carried out by the authors.  Once that process is completed the authors have to re-send their materials to be reviewed by the peer and sent to the editors for publication.



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