Open Access the Universally Acknowledged Scientific Papers Published in Peer Reviewed Academic Journals

Evolution and ever changing nature of this universe keeps on adding to existing knowledge. This existing knowledge is analyzed and new outcomes are produced to satiate ever increasing human needs. In order to have a firm grasp on subject matter one needs to keep himself updated with events and happenings in the same field. This does not mean that one should only know about latest news, critical analyses of theories, practices and knowledge produced in the field in the form scientific papers is necessary too. The best place to look for these research papers and academic articles are peer reviewed scientific journals.


In many cases the real problem arises when someone is unable to access these academic journals. There are very few academic publishers who provide open access to such valuable content. Very often the knowledge is barred from general audience. These peer reviewed journal articles remain confined within the territories of certain institutions and libraries. Many students who can afford to access any academic journal are forced to visit the websites and blogs that only contain articles written in the form of general opinion. This opinion is biased and lacks critical analysis.


Still there is SciencePG, an open access publisher that readily allows visitors to consult any academic journal. It is a simple fact that research conducted on scientific grounds matters more than a simple opinion cited in some website. Science Publishing Group does not only grant open access to students but also allows scholars and experts from the field of mathematics, social sciences, life sciences, management sciences, arts and linguistics to peer review articles published in any academic journal. Peer reviewed articles act a rich source of knowledge to analyze. This lets to come across different opinions on some research conducted on scientific grounds and lets viewers to get an authentic reference material for their own scientific papers.



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