Online Publisher Providing and Academic Journal with Open Access in an Ultimate Destiny of a Student

In the present time getting access to information is not difficult at all but accessing the information worth important to consult a subject matter is actually different. Ease of networking and modern global village level of this world has made things quiet difficult as everyone can opine on a topic. This is good as we get to different suggestions, opinion and thoughts on some topic. At the same times it is harmful as analyzing the truthiness of situation becomes difficult. Conclusion is simple that these sources of information act as primary data and primary data are no more comparable to scientific papers. Scholarly articles published in peer reviewed academic journals provide results where these primary data are analyzed and then results are published in the form of academic articles in academic journals.


Issue arises when someone is not capable of having open access academic journals. This is not as such a big issue as open access journals are also available by open access publishers like SciencePG. The research is produced in the form of a unique product mix containing science current events, academic journals and scientific papers. Moreover, proceedings and researches published in conferences are also available. One thing is worth mentioning that peer reviewed journal articles are more trust worthy than any other scientific papers. This is because they have potential of validating the research presented in them on certain grounds.

Simple blogs and articles published randomly in different website miss this potential. Science publishing group proves to be the best resource as it provides open access to peer reviewed journals that are worth using as references at the end of any research papers. Anyone’s opinion can’t be termed as a fact unless it is universally proven or presented with reason and logic on scientific grounds. Research presented in peer reviewed scientific journals has this specific attribute.



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