An academic journal is a peer reviewed bulletin in which bursaries related to specific scholastic fields are announced.  These are generally used for the launch and award of scholarships for the analysis of fresh research and of course the appraisal of prevailing studies.  Articles displaying novel investigation, criticism and book reviews are some of the usual contents in an academic journal.  The objective of this journal is to give a site and a chance for researchers to disclose their acquired wisdom to others, play a part in the improvement of inherent skills, and sharpening moral in the fields of arts and sciences.

One of the most distinguishing features of an academic journal is that all the articles inserted in it have to go through an appraisal for quality prior to being accepted for publication in the journal or Science Publishing Group website.  This assessment will be conducted by professionals in the same field of study and is created to ensure that scholarly standards of the articles prevail.  These journals generally consist of study reports that portray outcomes gained from research originally concluded, detailed appraisals that have been published earlier and theoretical reports that contain studies and concepts where writers try to formulate novel schemes founded on prevailing research.

Prior to commencing writing to an academic journal, evaluate whether your article is going to make a good impact in the field of science, then structure, focus and write in a way that it will deliver the message you are trying to convey to experts in your field, and ensure that it will not suffer rejection but, be highly evaluated by peers who will deem it worthy of publication.  The Science Publishing Group has quite a number of peer reviewed academic journals published on their website that will be extremely informative to scientists in their respective fields.



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