Peer reviewed journals are papers that are written by experts and research professionals, and checked and evaluated by Scientists in their particular field.  When it comes to scholarly articles, the purpose of peer review is to gauge the value of the papers sent for insertion in professional magazines.  Prior to an article is considered suitable for publishing, the writer has to send it to the editor of the magazine, who will then hand it over to an expert in the relevant field to ensure that it is an unquestionable piece of work and worthy of insertion in an esteemed scientific publication.

06The Science Publishing Group, is a well-regarded company and have now commenced online publication of the journals on our website.  All the paper that is received by their editor, who then contacts the expert in the applicable field, and forward the manuscript for peer reviewing.  Sometimes these experts may suggest revisions to the article or even reject it if they think that there is something lacking in the submission.  This is done to guarantee that all publications meet the criteria and standards set out for journal articles, and will not be considered irrelevant to scientists.

Any professional reader who goes through articles found on Science Publishing Group’s website, will be certain that they are peer reviewed, as they publish only materials that they deem is laudable because they have to maintain high professionalism and standards.  Their publications will always carry a synopsis, far-reaching issues, quotes and illustrations, references to the research work carried out by the author, and qualifications.  These are essential items that should be included in any professional work to ensure that it is genuine piece of work, and thorough research has been carried out by the author, and reviewed by peers prior to publication.



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